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What is the automatic urinal flush valve?


Inductive Urinal Flushing System use the principle of infrared light reflection. When a person stands in front of the urinal, the infrared emitting tube emits infrared light to the human body, and then the human body reflects it to the infrared receiving tube. The signal is received by the program control to open the electromagnetic valve. When the person leaves the urinal, the natural infrared light will not be reflected, and then the electromagnetic valve will automatically close. Then let Xiaobian take everyone to see the introduction of the exciting content of the Automatic Urinal Flush Valve.

First, the characteristics

1. Intelligent water saving: intelligent selection of single and double-stage flushing mode, the sensor can be intelligently flushed according to the frequency of use of the urinal, and more effectively avoid the waste of water resources.

2. Deodorant design: set to automatically flush once when no one is used for 24 hours, to prevent the water in the trap from drying up, causing the odor to return.

3. Convenient and hygienic: The flushing in the bucket is completed by the sensor, no need for human operation, thorough washing, no odor, ensuring clean indoor air and preventing bacterial transmission.

4. Production process: made of stainless steel material, effectively avoiding rust, simple and generous, durable.

5. Easy maintenance: built-in water flow regulator and filter.

Second, the applicable place

Public places such as hotels, hotels, office buildings, airports, etc.

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